Variation in seasonal flowers
Our nursery Rijk de Jongh is a young and dynamic company, which is started in 2004 by the owner Rijk de Jongh. Het started by growing summer flowers in foil greenhouses and field cultivation. In 2011 the company moved to our current location Tuil, which is a small place near to 's-Hertogenbosch. At this moment we cultivate a particular variation of seasonal flowers, like Ranunculus, Celosia, Limonium, disbudded Chrysanthemums and Brassica.  At the previous location we still cultivate beautiful peonies. 
Extended availability
Our objective is to cultivate a exclusive variation of seasonal flowers, only with the highest quality. Besides the way of cultivation the precise work and commitment of our dedicated and experienced staff is very important. Since we are able to cultivate our flowers in greenhouse, foil greenhouses and field cultivation, we are able to distinguish ourselves in the flower sector. Usually our cultivations start earlier and finish later, which means our flowers are available over a longer period of time. The choice to cultivate several products gives the quarantee to be in producten almost the whole year. 
The cultivation of ranunculus is our main crop during the year, both in numbers and availability. Since the start of our company ranunculus is an established  part in the assortment. The focus on this product and also persuit of excellence has resulted in a very good reputation in the flower sector. We would like to expand this reputation in the future!!