Quality perception


Top quality Seasonal Flowers
If consumers want to buy a bunch of flowers, it is obvious clear that they want to enjow that flowers as long as possibe. That is exactly the passion of Rijk de Jongh Flowers. Delevering excellence is the priority of our company. The objective of every season is to delever a consistently high quality.
Our assortment consists a variety of different products, which ensures that the popular seasonal flowers is available each, and every, season. All of these products impose different demands on the environment in order to grow optimally. Since we have access to several possibilities of cultivation; in greenhouse, foil tunnels or field cultivation, we are able to satisfy these requirements. This offers a quality that we want to deliver to wholesalers and florists.

Optimal vase life 
By means of the advances process, harvested flowers are cooled as soon as possible to their own optimum temperature. Several products, or flowers, have specific requirements regarding their optimum vase life. We are able to apply different processes to each variety. 
In order to give great tips and advice regarding vase life, we are able to perform frequently vase life tests. All freshly harvested flowers are transported to our customers in clean tap water, including Chrysal pre-treatment. This result is an increase of nutritional intake; which in turn results in extended vase life of the flowers.

In out ccomapny all operations are focused at the optimum vase life of our flowers. With great pleasure we work every day to deliver excellence to our customers.


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